Kuala Lumpur — 10 November 2017 – CanLaw, the Malaysian legal tech startup and the Malaysian Shariah Lawyer Association (PGSM), today announced the launch of CanLaw Syariah, Malaysia’s first Shariah lawyer-discovery platform, available at https://www.canlawsyariah.com/ . This platform is the first in Malaysia and seeks to propel the Malaysian Syariah legal market into the digital age. The CanLaw Syariah platform is available to all members of the public for free.

To find a Shariah lawyer, users only need to go onto the platform, submit their legal needs and they will be able to receive up to 3 different quotation proposals from relevant registered lawyers. They will be able to access not just the fee quotations, but also full profiles and backgrounds of the lawyers before making an informed decision to make an appointment with the respective lawyers.

The newly launched CanLaw Syariah boasts of many cutting-edge features. Among others would be an intelligent search function which enables users to locate the relevant forms very easily. There will also be an interactive user dashboard where users can access the profiles and quotations of lawyers within a highly intuitive user interface. With the instant chat feature, users will now be able to contact the lawyers immediately to clarify on the fees or to organize the logistics of a potential appointment before securing an appointment with a lawyer of their choice.

“Finding lawyers can be quite an intimidating and overwhelming process for the regular person, especially when it involves personal family matters,” said Loo Soon Yi, Founder and CEO of CanLaw. “CanLaw Syariah will remove that initial barrier while giving users full-access to the lawyers. Both the public and lawyers will benefit from the platform as it would help set expectations straight even before their first appointment.”

“We build the platform with no intention to disrupt the dignity of the profession. Thus, this platform does not provide any lawyer referral services,” said Edwin Lee, COO of CanLaw. “To maintain neutrality, we do not recommend nor endorse any particular lawyer on our platform. Users are free to interact with any lawyer who responds to their fee quote request – within their private dashboard.” He also added that quotations given are not binding and can only be accessed exclusively by the user who made the request. Lawyers will not be able to access other lawyer’s quotations.

“The introduction of CanLaw Syariah will completely change the way Malaysians engage syariah lawyers”, said Tuan Musa bin Awang, the President of PGSM. “This is an important step forward as the booming online market will now have unprecedented access to the syariah legal market. We are also very much excited about the various other innovation projects that we have ahead of us.”

CanLaw Syariah is part of the exclusive technology partnership between PGSM and CanLaw signed recently on 15 September 2017, where both parties will also work together on the promotion of technology adoption amongst Malaysian Shariah lawyers. This will be done through nation-wide tech-adoption workshops, affordable website building services, as well as opening access to Shariah legal knowledge via various online content strategies.

Persatuan Peguam Syarie Malaysia is an NGO formed as the umbrella body for Shariah lawyers in Malaysia. The main focus of the PGSM is to protect the welfare of Shariah lawyers as well as to be involved in the development of Syariah law in Malaysia.

CanLaw Asia Sdn Bhd is a legal technology startup with a vision for a world with open access to justice. They seek to ensure justice for everybody by innovating legal services through technology. The CanLaw lawyer discovery platform has won numerous awards from major government, private and non-profit organisations, both nationally and internationally, for providing the ease and transparency in helping the public find the right lawyer. CanLaw is also the organiser of the LexTech Conference, an annual region-wide legal technology conference.

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